Racism in the Tea Party Movement

On the Stephanie Miller show today, they offer “proof that the Tea-baggers are racist”. What is the proof you ask? Gasp! Most of the people who attended Glenn Beck’s rally were white. This fact was repeated on Ms. Miller’s show over and over. Seems like she is the one focused on race here.

That is the first thing she sees when looks at people I guess.

Here is a little tidbit of information of the Leftwing nuts who complain that the Tea Party is racist because most of its members are white…. most conservatives are white! Most progressives are minority. If you have a pro-Obama rally on the Washington Mall, I guarantee that the majority of attendees will be minority. Does this mean Obama’s supporters are racist?

I defy Ms. Miller or anyone else to show that the heart of hte Tea Party are racists.

You know, for the whole show today, Ms. Miller did not even try to debate a topic. It was nothing but hate filled diatribes against Glenn Beck, Tea Partiers, and white people. I think she would get toasted in an actual debate with Glenn Beck but she is probably too afraid to do that.

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