Just Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do… Like Rape

Both Democrats and Republicans currently want to give thugs like these a path to US Citizenship. Can you believe it? This is just another case of why we need to flush illiegal immigrants out of the country and embrace the ones that did it the right way.


A pair of illegal immigrants raped a 14-year-old Texas girl at July 4th party in Texas, where the teen was later found sitting naked in a bathtub, police said.

The victim told police that she went to an Independence Day party with her cousin in Horseshoe Bay, Tex., about 40 miles northwest of Austin, where she was left in a room with Anibal Escobar, 19, and Anael Martinez, 22, MyFoxAustin reported.

The two Honduran natives, who told police they are in the U.S. illegally, made advances at the victim and then raped her, she told police. The victim’s cousin discovered her in the bathtub and brought her home.

Escobar and Martinez were arrested early in the morning on July 9 and face felony charges of aggravated sexual assault, MyFoxAustin reported. Local investigators contacted Texas Rangers to assist in their investigation and translate, as none of the witnesses at the party or the suspects spoke English.

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The Democrats Real Plan

Ok, I have noticed a pattern. President Barack Obama has a high likelyhood of being assassinated but it will not be Conservatives, Malitia Groups, Nazi, or White Supremists who do it. It will be done by his own Party. What have we heard since the campaign? We have heard that he would be assassinated, but it was not the Conservatives who brought this topic up and voiced this thought. It was his own Party that did. It continues to this day with the Democrats laying the foundation for the act. It is like a story being written before our eyes with the foreshadowing there for those who can see it.

What is the plan? Why would the Democrats want to do this?

The Democrats would use up the Goodwill that Obama enjoyed at the beginning of his Presidency to pass the things that they knew would never get by a more balanced Congress. Control of the Banks? Check. Control of Wall Street? Check. Control of Major Industry? Check. Control of the Health Industry? In Progress. Amnesty for Illegals? On the Horizon.

I think that the Democrats will ride the Goodwill as long as they can before the People rise up against him and stop it. Then they will pull their Ace Card and kill the President. They have foreshadowed this and prepared this since the earliest days of the campagin. They drew the comparisons to JFK and Abe Lincoln (both of whom were assassinated). They enflame the passions of the Conservatives by calling them names and attacking them personally. Nancy Pelosi demands that any violence resulting from the recent protests be held at the Conservatives feet regardless of the cause. The Race Card has already been pulled. It is all a show. A scam. A setup. This is all setup to their Ace. If Obama is killed in office, the sympathy for the Democrats and his/their policies will be great just like it was after JFK and Lincoln. They would be assured control of Congress and the Government for decades to come. The Conservatives would be disgraced since they would be naturally assumed root cause of the death. It would mean the end of the Republicans and the ascendency of the Democrats.

Mark my words, I think the Democrats will kill him and set up the Conservatives to take the fall. If you read what all the foreshadowing and signs say, this is where we are headed.

Gov. Sarah Palin Hung in Effigy by Noose in West Hollywood, California

And Democrats claim that the Republicans have the corner on hate?

In LA, a man has an effigy of Gov. Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from his house. It’s a joke he says. Can you imagine the outrage of this was Obama hanging from a noose? The guy’s house would be burnt down and he would be charged with a “hate crime”. But since it is the hated Sarah Palin, it’s ok?




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Obama Campaign in Dire Need for Money

As a sign of what an Obama Presidency would look like, the Obama Campaign has sent out an email with an urgent plea for donations. For only a $10 donation, you can recieve a “Speciial Edtion” car magnent.


This coming from a campaign that still has $ 605 million dollars in its coffers, dwarfing the McCain Camp’s $ 87 million. And on top of that, the Obama campaign is putting on a multimillion dollar party in Chicago the night of the election.

Oh yeah, send in more money please, we just can’t get enough.

Get used to it folks. Chances are good that Obama will be taking our money for years to come.

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Democratic Hypocrisy and Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe

So the Democrats can’t find anything to contradict what Gov. Sarah Palin says, so they are now attacking her for buying clothing and getting a makeover at the request of the GOP. Aren’t these the same clowns who said that they wanted to focus on the issues? Now they want to turn around and bring up what clothing she is wearing? Pa-lease!

Check out this story from back in September of this year from ABC News:

In it I quote:

“Biden spokesman David Wade in turn, quipped, “600,000 jobs gone in 2008, eight straight months of job loss, the highest unemployment in seven years, more home foreclosures than at any time since the Great Depression, and I’d wager John McCain’s nicest pair of $500 loafers that finally the Republicans think they’ve found an issue that will really resonate on Main Street: Joe Biden’s clothes.”

Right back at ya Mr. Wade. Right back at ya.

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The British have it again, why does Barack Obama feel the need to applogize to the world?

I’ve said it before… the British have it right.


Why does America owe the world an apology and grovel for forgiveness? Even if we made mistakes with Iraq, they happen. We must remain strong and united.

It sickens me to see that the British get this when Americans themselves have forgotten it. Shame.

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