Violence at Wisconsin Protests

Violence has been caught on tape at the WI pro-union rally.

In the video, the protestors attempt to shut down the reporter and his camera. They try shouting him down and then he reports that a guy hits him.

Take note of the sign behind the reporter when the violence erupts. It has a SEIU emblem on it. Remember them? They are the thugs that attacked the Tea Party people at the Townhalls.

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Our children will not know snow…

Back in 2000, the Global Warming nuts in England proudly proclaimed that the children in England will not know what snow was and that the times of Charles Dickens like White Christmases was over.

Now today, 10 years later, England is facing its second massive snowy winter.


Anyone else see the irony?

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Thorium: Why aren’t we using this?

“If Barack Obama were to marshal America’s vast scientific and strategic resources behind a new Manhattan Project, he might reasonably hope to reinvent the global energy landscape and sketch an end to our dependence on fossil fuels within three to five years. ”

“Dr Rubbia says a tonne of the silvery metal – named after the Norse god of thunder, who also gave us Thor’s day or Thursday – produces as much energy as 200 tonnes of uranium, or 3,500,000 tonnes of coal. A mere fistful would light London for a week.

Thorium eats its own hazardous waste. It can even scavenge the plutonium left by uranium reactors, acting as an eco-cleaner. “It’s the Big One,” said Kirk Sorensen, a former NASA rocket engineer and now chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering.

“Once you start looking more closely, it blows your mind away. You can run civilisation on thorium for hundreds of thousands of years, and it’s essentially free. You don’t have to deal with uranium cartels,” he said.

Thorium is so common that miners treat it as a nuisance, a radioactive by-product if they try to dig up rare earth metals. The US and Australia are full of the stuff. So are the granite rocks of Cornwall. You do not need much: all is potentially usable as fuel, compared to just 0.7pc for uranium.”

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So begins the Government Control of Healthcare

In the NYTimes today, Health Plans Must Provide Some Tests at No Cost :

Some highlights include:

The White House on Wednesday issued new rules requiring health insurance companies to provide free coverage for dozens of screenings, laboratory tests and other types of preventive care.

So the Federal Governemnt (specifically the President) are setting “rules for (private) health insurance companies”? Since when is this allowed under the U.S. Constitution?

The rules will eliminate co-payments, deductibles and other charges for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol tests; many cancer screenings; routine vaccinations; prenatal care; and regular wellness visits for infants and children.

Other services that must be offered at no charge include counseling to help people stop smoking; screening and counseling for obesity; and tests for infection with the virus that causes AIDS.

Ok, this equals higher expenses for the insurance companies. This means that…

The administration said the requirements could increase premiums by 1.5 percent, on average.

So I am going to pay for donut boy down the street to get healthscreening? Since when is it my resposnibility to cover their healthcare? It is absurd and immoral.

In some cases, the task force has specified how frequently a service, like colonoscopy, should be performed. If the guidelines are silent, the rules say, an insurer may use “reasonable medical management techniques to determine the frequency” of services.

In some cases, the task force has specified how frequently a service, like colonoscopy, should be performed. If the guidelines are silent, the rules say, an insurer may use “reasonable medical management techniques to determine the frequency” of services.

So a Government Task Force is deciding how frequently services can be provided? Not your doctor? Sounds like the healthcare rationing has already begun. What’s next, Death Panels?

Founding Father Quote of the Day

“But as the plan of the [constitutional] convention aims only at a partial union or consolidation, the State governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had, and which were not, by that act, EXCLUSIVELY delegated to the United States”

—- Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 32, January 3, 1788

Can someone show me in the Constitution where it says that the Federal Government can take over industry, regulate CEO salaries, take over the Health Insurance Industry, and handicap the economy in the name of the “environment”? I don’t remember a clause for the Federalization of elementary education standards or for Federal regulation of transportation.

Los Angeles City Council Exempts AZ Moneymaker

It looks like even anti-American liberal commies can be hippocrites as well.

This traffic light camera company based in Scottsdale Arizona, made over $6,000,000 for the LA City Council last year. Rather than stick to their misguided principles, the LA City Council voted to exempt them from their supposed boycott of all things Arizona.

It’s a good thing Arizona doesn’t decide to boycott sending their electricity into LA or the next City Council might be by candlelight.

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The Democrats Real Plan

Ok, I have noticed a pattern. President Barack Obama has a high likelyhood of being assassinated but it will not be Conservatives, Malitia Groups, Nazi, or White Supremists who do it. It will be done by his own Party. What have we heard since the campaign? We have heard that he would be assassinated, but it was not the Conservatives who brought this topic up and voiced this thought. It was his own Party that did. It continues to this day with the Democrats laying the foundation for the act. It is like a story being written before our eyes with the foreshadowing there for those who can see it.

What is the plan? Why would the Democrats want to do this?

The Democrats would use up the Goodwill that Obama enjoyed at the beginning of his Presidency to pass the things that they knew would never get by a more balanced Congress. Control of the Banks? Check. Control of Wall Street? Check. Control of Major Industry? Check. Control of the Health Industry? In Progress. Amnesty for Illegals? On the Horizon.

I think that the Democrats will ride the Goodwill as long as they can before the People rise up against him and stop it. Then they will pull their Ace Card and kill the President. They have foreshadowed this and prepared this since the earliest days of the campagin. They drew the comparisons to JFK and Abe Lincoln (both of whom were assassinated). They enflame the passions of the Conservatives by calling them names and attacking them personally. Nancy Pelosi demands that any violence resulting from the recent protests be held at the Conservatives feet regardless of the cause. The Race Card has already been pulled. It is all a show. A scam. A setup. This is all setup to their Ace. If Obama is killed in office, the sympathy for the Democrats and his/their policies will be great just like it was after JFK and Lincoln. They would be assured control of Congress and the Government for decades to come. The Conservatives would be disgraced since they would be naturally assumed root cause of the death. It would mean the end of the Republicans and the ascendency of the Democrats.

Mark my words, I think the Democrats will kill him and set up the Conservatives to take the fall. If you read what all the foreshadowing and signs say, this is where we are headed.

French Workers Threaten to Blow Up Factory

So French manufacturing workers who were about to be laid off, decided to threaten to blow up the plant until a ransom be paid.

Guess what? The company did pay each worker the equivalent of 25,000 British Pounds (that’s roughly over $ 45,000 to us Americans).

Is this the future of America? France is largely a Socialist State and America is heading down the same path. It makes me wonder.

My question is why weren’t these workers arrested for terrorism? The basically threatened to kill a company if they did not get a ransom. They should be rounded up and tossed in a French Gitmo for a few years because they are obviously a violent group.

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Just vote for Healthcare!

With the latest spending boom in Washington DC, Barack Obama is pressuring Congress to pass his $ 1,000,000,000,000+ Healthcare for the Poor Plan before the August break.

Does anyone else see a trend here?

“The Economy is the worst since the GREAT DEPRESSION!” *cue ominous music* “We need to pass the TARP Bill NOW! DOn’t think about it because by this Friday, it will be too late! Hurry!”


“The Economy is worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION (again)! Hurry and pass TARP II! We need it now! Don’t think about it. Don’t debate it. Just vote for it!”

The Obama Administration has been pushing and shoving TRILLIONS of our tax dollars into the trashcan since he came to office. Now he wants more. And don’t you dare think about what your voting for. Don’t dare read the bill you are voting for. Don’t debate. Don’t argue with Obama. He is the President. Obama will tell you what to think. He is all knowing and all wise. He will lower the sea levels after all.

Just vote like he wants you and it will all be better soon. Be sure not think about it… *chants* Obama… Obama… Yes we can… Yes we cannnnn…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Obama Gets His Freak On!

When Michelle is away, the mice will play?

Eyebrows Up!

Obama and Sarkosy showing their Playa’ side at the G8 Meeting in Italy. Of course I’m not hate’n. Just saying…. Michelle better keep an eye on her man in the Land of Lovers.

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