Our children will not know snow…

Back in 2000, the Global Warming nuts in England proudly proclaimed that the children in England will not know what snow was and that the times of Charles Dickens like White Christmases was over.


Now today, 10 years later, England is facing its second massive snowy winter.




Anyone else see the irony?

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  1. rothchilds probably figured out how too uthenize them thats why they will never see snow go get your vacinations of anti freeze and murcury and live virus,and dont forget to drink your floride water and eat your daily dose of gm food and growth horemoens an antibiotics havent they done well for america

  2. Good article, but you have linked all three URLS to the same Independent article, might want to update.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Daily Bail, Nathan M. Hansen. Nathan M. Hansen said: RT @TheDailyBail: Our children will not know snow – http://t.co/CJzPI82 – Al Gore Flashback […]

  4. I certainly see the irony, but the AGW nuts apparently do not. They are still as shrill as ever, now claiming that AGW means it’s getting colder. What a bunch of morons, DO they even realize how stupid they sound?

  5. I love it ! But that’s actually not what “irony” is.

  6. just about time to deal with these bastards hardest we can I mean with fists, baseball bats and perhaps even worse. Thjese conman thiefs and pathological liars have absolutely nothing to fear. “Laws” are on their side. Those who dont fight for their freedom have no right to be free.

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