Obama Denies a Creator

Obama can’t bring himself to say in the Declaration of Independence quote: “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. Why did he omit this key phrase?

Also, he kinda plays around with historical facts. He states that Mexicans were here before America was even a thought. How can this happen when Mexico was independent until the mid 1800’s?

He also states that the Portugese had colonies in America. Where was this supposed to have happened? Can someone name a Portugese colony in Colonial America?

He makes things up to play to his illegal immigrant audience.

So much for the “smartes President ever”, huh?


National Pray for Hitchens Day

Read this article about reknown New Atheist Chrsitopher Hitchens.



Mr. Hitchens is in advanced stages of cancer. In this article he talks about a religious friend of his who sponsors today, Sept 20th, as “National Pray for Hitchens Day” concerning his illness. In the article, Mr. Hitchens doesn’t accept religion but allows people to pray on his behalf. I find this encouraging and it speaks well of him. It shows that he is not a militant atheist like some of his other collegues such as Dawkins. I have debated atheists who would be violently opposed to even offering a prayer for them when they are sick.

While I still oppose his views and hope for Mr. Hitchens conversion some day, I also offer my prayers for his good health and for strength to his family during this time of trial.

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