Obama No. 3 at DOJ Dropped Charges Against Black Panthers

Washington Times reporter Jerry Seper is showing today how the Number 3 man at the Department of Justice, Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, ok’d dropping the charges agaisnt the Black Panther members who were caught intimidating voters at a polling place this past Novermber 2008. They wore military style uniformed, carried nightsticks, and were vocal with threats agaisnt people who did not vote for Obama.


Black Panther

I thought that in America, you could vote for your canidate in freedom? You did not have to worry about being beaten, robbed, chained, or harrassed for your vote. Apparantly you can in Obama’s America. It is perfectly alright to threaten voters for not voting your way.

I guess that if you donate $ 500,000 to Obama’s presidency, you can do this?


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