The New Era of Transparency

Where is the “transparency” when Obama and his crew are pushing bills through Congress without debate, without concern, and without even reading the bills? He promised to create a website to post all bills pending in Congress so the American People could look over each and everyone one before a vote comes up. Where is that again?

Here we are on the verge of one the single msot defining votes in our nation’s history, and Obama is demanding that it be pushed through without allowing for the time needed to debate it. Why is that? Could it be that Obama doesn’t think there is any debate to be had? It is his way or the highway. Either you vote for his plan or you are wrong. That is pretty tough coming from someone who promised a new age of bi-partisian ship and an end to partisianship in Washington.

Yup, Gotta love this new era of Obama Transparency where everything is open and clear…. as long as you agree with him.

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