Just vote for Healthcare!

With the latest spending boom in Washington DC, Barack Obama is pressuring Congress to pass his $ 1,000,000,000,000+ Healthcare for the Poor Plan before the August break.


Does anyone else see a trend here?

“The Economy is the worst since the GREAT DEPRESSION!” *cue ominous music* “We need to pass the TARP Bill NOW! DOn’t think about it because by this Friday, it will be too late! Hurry!”


“The Economy is worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION (again)! Hurry and pass TARP II! We need it now! Don’t think about it. Don’t debate it. Just vote for it!”

The Obama Administration has been pushing and shoving TRILLIONS of our tax dollars into the trashcan since he came to office. Now he wants more. And don’t you dare think about what your voting for. Don’t dare read the bill you are voting for. Don’t debate. Don’t argue with Obama. He is the President. Obama will tell you what to think. He is all knowing and all wise. He will lower the sea levels after all.

Just vote like he wants you and it will all be better soon. Be sure not think about it… *chants* Obama… Obama… Yes we can… Yes we cannnnn…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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