Obama No. 3 at DOJ Dropped Charges Against Black Panthers

Washington Times reporter Jerry Seper is showing today how the Number 3 man at the Department of Justice, Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, ok’d dropping the charges agaisnt the Black Panther members who were caught intimidating voters at a polling place this past Novermber 2008. They wore military style uniformed, carried nightsticks, and were vocal with threats agaisnt people who did not vote for Obama.


Black Panther

I thought that in America, you could vote for your canidate in freedom? You did not have to worry about being beaten, robbed, chained, or harrassed for your vote. Apparantly you can in Obama’s America. It is perfectly alright to threaten voters for not voting your way.

I guess that if you donate $ 500,000 to Obama’s presidency, you can do this?


The New Era of Transparency

Where is the “transparency” when Obama and his crew are pushing bills through Congress without debate, without concern, and without even reading the bills? He promised to create a website to post all bills pending in Congress so the American People could look over each and everyone one before a vote comes up. Where is that again?

Here we are on the verge of one the single msot defining votes in our nation’s history, and Obama is demanding that it be pushed through without allowing for the time needed to debate it. Why is that? Could it be that Obama doesn’t think there is any debate to be had? It is his way or the highway. Either you vote for his plan or you are wrong. That is pretty tough coming from someone who promised a new age of bi-partisian ship and an end to partisianship in Washington.

Yup, Gotta love this new era of Obama Transparency where everything is open and clear…. as long as you agree with him.

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French Workers Threaten to Blow Up Factory

So French manufacturing workers who were about to be laid off, decided to threaten to blow up the plant until a ransom be paid.


Guess what? The company did pay each worker the equivalent of 25,000 British Pounds (that’s roughly over $ 45,000 to us Americans).

Is this the future of America? France is largely a Socialist State and America is heading down the same path. It makes me wonder.

My question is why weren’t these workers arrested for terrorism? The basically threatened to kill a company if they did not get a ransom. They should be rounded up and tossed in a French Gitmo for a few years because they are obviously a violent group.

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Just vote for Healthcare!

With the latest spending boom in Washington DC, Barack Obama is pressuring Congress to pass his $ 1,000,000,000,000+ Healthcare for the Poor Plan before the August break.


Does anyone else see a trend here?

“The Economy is the worst since the GREAT DEPRESSION!” *cue ominous music* “We need to pass the TARP Bill NOW! DOn’t think about it because by this Friday, it will be too late! Hurry!”


“The Economy is worse than the GREAT DEPRESSION (again)! Hurry and pass TARP II! We need it now! Don’t think about it. Don’t debate it. Just vote for it!”

The Obama Administration has been pushing and shoving TRILLIONS of our tax dollars into the trashcan since he came to office. Now he wants more. And don’t you dare think about what your voting for. Don’t dare read the bill you are voting for. Don’t debate. Don’t argue with Obama. He is the President. Obama will tell you what to think. He is all knowing and all wise. He will lower the sea levels after all.

Just vote like he wants you and it will all be better soon. Be sure not think about it… *chants* Obama… Obama… Yes we can… Yes we cannnnn…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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President Obama Booed at MLB All-Star Game

It looks like the Heartland of America in St. Louis is not too fond of Barack Obama. At the All-Star MLB game he got roundly boo’d by the crowd when he was announced. Even Bush got cheers when he was President. Take note Obama, the People of the United States are upset at your spending our futures.

Barack Obama is not one to let such a snub go by without punishment so I guess a massive take on Busch Beer will be coming.

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Obama Gets His Freak On!

When Michelle is away, the mice will play?

Eyebrows Up!

Obama and Sarkosy showing their Playa’ side at the G8 Meeting in Italy. Of course I’m not hate’n. Just saying…. Michelle better keep an eye on her man in the Land of Lovers.

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Environmentalist Try To Shutup Any Dissent

Environmentalist are pressuring ExxonMobile to stop funding scientists and organizations who are skeptics of Human Caused Global Warming.


Why do they want to censor science and cause the Public to only get one side of the story? Could it be because they know that in the light of the Facts, they would loose? The Earth has been COOLING for the past 11 years. Are they going to suppress that information? It sure looks like from my previous post that the US EPA is in the business of censorship as well.

Forced silence of dissenters?

Sure sounds Facist to me.

What are they afraid of if there is such overwhelming evidence to support Human Caused Global Warming? Perhaps the reason is because there isn’t so much support and they are taking it upon themselves to make sure the Public never finds out.

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EPA Coverup

It loosk like the EPA is in the same boat as Al Gore, NASA, and the Weather Channel. They have all falsified data and suppressed dissident opinion when it comes to Human Induced Global Warming. The latest case in point is the EPA appears to have suppressed a report on the eve of the Cap-and-Trade new tax bill in the House that debunks the idea that Humans are causing Global Warming. Here is a copy of the report:


There has been an invetigation called for by Senators John Thune (R-SD) and James Inhofe (R-OK).

And we are allowing our government agencies to do this? If this was for a conservative cause, there would be heads rolling now. Instead they are being ignored by many in the main-stream press. We need to hold these people account for their actions because their lies are going to cost you and me billions.

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New Sarah Palin Interview

Gov. Sarah Palin has a new interview out with Runner’s World Magazine where she talks about her love of running, family, and gives some more behind the scenes stories of the campaign.



She is conservative, beautiful, and listens to Van Halen & AC/DC. Can this woman get any better???
SARAH 2012

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