The Black Empowerment Experiment

It appears that there is a new movement to spread reverse racism into American Society.,2933,519965,00.html

Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago vowed four months ago that for one year, they would try to patronize only black-owned businesses. The “Empowerment Experiment” is the reason John had to suffer for hours with a stomach ache and Maggie no longer gets that brand-name lather when she washes her hair. A grocery trip is a 14-mile odyssey.

“We kind of enjoy the sacrifice because we get to make the point … but I am going without stuff and I am frustrated on a daily basis,” Maggie Anderson said. “It’s like, my people have been here 400 years and we don’t even have a Walgreens to show for it.”

I am totally for ignoring skin color and basing your opinions on someone based upon their actions/merits. However, there seems to be a movement building in the African-American community to shop, deal with, patronize only Black owned businesses.

How can this be justified in modern society? If a White group did this, they would be denounced as racist and tracked as a hate group. If Asian groups did this, they would be as well.

We need to unite in America, not divide. As Jesus said, “A house divided cannot stand.” We need to look past our skin colors and look into our hearts. While we indeed have a bad past in race relations, however it does not justify destroying the work of those that fought and died to get us as far as we have come so far in the country in race relations. Would Martin Luther King Jr. have allowed his people to join in this reverse racism? I think not. He was about bringing everyone together under the banner of “Humanity”. We are all human and we are all equal.

That is why it saddens me to see people such as these, stepping backwards in time to perpetrate the same kind of racism that their forefathers fought against.

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