Liberal Wackos at UNC want to “Shut Down” Free Speech

This is a sample of the idiots at UNC who tried to shut down a debate on Illegal Immigration with Tom Tancredo and Virgil Goode. They smashed windows, set off fire alarms, and tried to shout down the speakers. Thankfully, Virgil Goode was able to finish his presentation despite these student’s best efforts.

I wonder if this guy has any original thoughts that he did not lift off a Liberal talking point sheet?

What gets me is that they claim to be “liberal”, “progressive”, and “thoughtful” yet they stiffle real debate and shut down thougthful discourse. “Progressives” such as these have become the evil which they claim to hate. They have become a means for the Liberal Agenda to fill the minds of our young people going to college for knowledge and not indoctrination.

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