A picture says a 1,000 words…

Im so proud!!!

I'm so proud!!!

I think a picture says a thousand words don’t you? I think Obama has finally reached International Communist Superstar status now. Haha! I know Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

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  1. Which Reagan do you mean? Ronald “Negotiate with the Communist USSR” Reagan? That one?


    • There is a difference between “negotiate with the Communists” and “join with the Communists”. Reagan negotiated with them but also opposed everything they believed in.

  2. P.S. Is it this Reagan?:

  3. Wow, are you offering a serious opinion that the Chavez/Obama handshake incident falls in the “join with the Communists” category?


    • Based upon Obama’s recent actions in combination with his embrace of oppressive Socialist regimes in the world, yes.

  4. @ constitution1776: What actions, exactly? Do you mean gestures of opening dialogue, or do you mean actual policy actions?


    • The nationalization of the banks…. the attempt to sieze any company that Obama deems “too big to fail”…. Obama paying people’s mortgages…. the government rewriting contracts on a previously unheard of level… his desire to implement Universial Healthcare…. His becoming the defacto CEO of a company – GM…. The government denying companies the opportunity to return the Bailout money in order to keep a power hold on them…. etc…

  5. Sorry, I thought this was about the Chaves/Obama moment. That’s a big can of worms opened there, and I don’t have time to say much on it, but I do invite you to read through my own blog — there’s a lot there on your new topics.


    • I’ll check it out. Thanks for the invite and the comments!

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