I’m Back!

After the election, I had to take some time off. Well due to popular demand and a need brought on by the crazy Obama Administration… I’m back.

First off, I was at a local Tea Party Tax Protest and it was wonderful! I hope this movement catches on because it was awsome to see everyone stand up for the country. As I said during the election, we are marching down the path of Socialism and now I can see it is true.

I can also see how biased the “mainstream media” is in this country against those who would stand up to defend it against Socialism. Socialism is against the beliefs of our Founding Fathers and against the American Dream. They (and we) believe that role of the American government is to provide for the common defense and to give the most opportunity to its people to grow and prosper. Socialism is about “fairness” and an attempt to make everyone equal. But in order to make everyone equal, you have to lower everyone to the lowest common denomentor. That is what Russia had and China still has. They also are seeing the downside to this and how it holds back the productive in favor of the non-productive.

Sound familar? It probably does since this is the expressed belief of the Obama Administration and his croonies in Congress (both Republican and Democrat).

As for media favoritism, I was at a rally which I (and others) estimated at 10,000. I did this by counting the people in the square plaza to be about 100 deep by 80 wide. This makes for a crowd of 8,000. Then there were between 1,000 and 2,000 across the street and on the side streets. The local media reported anywhere from 1,000 – 3,000. What rally were they at? What were they smoking? Then we have the hacks on CNN and MSNBC using the word “teabagging” in every degrogratory way possible. Where were the black jokes at the Million Man March or the gay jokes at the Gay Pride Parade? It’s shameful.

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  1. Wow, even more republican hypocritical ignorant nonsense.

    • And what proof do you have you mindless troll?

  2. 87 days and obama’s on the ropes.

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