Rahm Emmanuel as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff

Ok so we now have one of Barack Obama’s first appointments in his new Cabinent. Who did he pick but the biggest attack dog and divisive person the Democrats have, Rahm Emmanuel. To read about some of his exploits in the past here:

I thought Obama was supposed to usher in an era of good feelings and reconcilliation? But he is showing that he is nothing more but a die-hard Liberal Democrat same-ol same-ol.

Look at his first two selections for his Presidency, Joe Biden and Rahm Emmanuel. Joe “The Anvil” Biden and Rahm “The Attack Dog” Emmanuel. Can’t you just feel the love coming across the aisle?

Future speculation on his selections include Tom Daschel (hardcore Liberal Democrat) and John Kerry.

Doesn’t anyone else see a repeat of Jimmy Carter here? He was a political outsider who chose largely insiders for his Cabinent. I guess we are just headed for another Jimmy Carter Presidency.

One good thing about that is look who we got after Carter…. Reagan. So I am just waiting for our next Reagan.

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