Early Polling Place Intimidation by Obamites

Early reports of Obama supporters intimidating and blocking access to polls in key battleground states such as PA have marred the election day process.


Additional reports have people shouting foul-mouthed and intimidating at approaching cars which carry white occupants to polling places, as well as blocking the entrances to the polling place.

Black Panther thugs have to be escorted out of a polling place by police after they intimdate voters and claim that “a black man will win today” while tapping a nightstick in the palm of their hands.

If this had been McCain/Palin supporters doing this, there would be massive outcry. But since it is the Obama supporters doing it, it exists as only footnotes to the Day of Ascension for the Messiah Obama.

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  1. These are the first recruits for Obama’s civilian security force. 😉

  2. How could he lose with ballot stuffing and goon squads in the polling places like PA and Ohio. Don’t let this be ignored now that the “Messiah” has come to save everyone by a crooked election

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