Change or More of the Same?

What’s with Obama’s appointments to his Cabinet? Joe Biden, Tom Daschle, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Greg Craig, Ron Klain, Robert Reich, Warren Buffet, etc… These were all close associates of the Clinton Presidency.

I guess Obama’s Presidency is more like The Clinton Presidency Part II.

Rather than “Change”, it appears to be “More of the Same”.

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The Myth of Human Caused Global Warming Exposed!

It looks like the truth is coming out about the myth of Human Caused Global Warming. It even appears that Al Gore’s pal at NASA’s GISS has been fudging the numbers in order to make up a case for it.

Shame shame!

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Rahm Emmanuel as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff

Ok so we now have one of Barack Obama’s first appointments in his new Cabinent. Who did he pick but the biggest attack dog and divisive person the Democrats have, Rahm Emmanuel. To read about some of his exploits in the past here:

I thought Obama was supposed to usher in an era of good feelings and reconcilliation? But he is showing that he is nothing more but a die-hard Liberal Democrat same-ol same-ol.

Look at his first two selections for his Presidency, Joe Biden and Rahm Emmanuel. Joe “The Anvil” Biden and Rahm “The Attack Dog” Emmanuel. Can’t you just feel the love coming across the aisle?

Future speculation on his selections include Tom Daschel (hardcore Liberal Democrat) and John Kerry.

Doesn’t anyone else see a repeat of Jimmy Carter here? He was a political outsider who chose largely insiders for his Cabinent. I guess we are just headed for another Jimmy Carter Presidency.

One good thing about that is look who we got after Carter…. Reagan. So I am just waiting for our next Reagan.

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The Real Source of Obama’s “Rightous Wind”?

Is Obama channeling Chairman Mao with his reference to a “Righteous wind”?

I feel like we got a righteous wind at our backs here, but we’re going to have to work. We’re going to have to struggle. We’re going to have to fight

From the writings of Chairman Mao:
The ill wind of opportunism is falling, the righteous wind of socialism is on the rise.

By the end of this year the victory of socialism will be greatly assured. Naturally there will be many struggles ahead and we must struggle hard.

It certainly looks like the wind of socialism is on the rise in America with Barack Obama’s election.

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Early Polling Place Intimidation by Obamites

Early reports of Obama supporters intimidating and blocking access to polls in key battleground states such as PA have marred the election day process.

Additional reports have people shouting foul-mouthed and intimidating at approaching cars which carry white occupants to polling places, as well as blocking the entrances to the polling place.

Black Panther thugs have to be escorted out of a polling place by police after they intimdate voters and claim that “a black man will win today” while tapping a nightstick in the palm of their hands.

If this had been McCain/Palin supporters doing this, there would be massive outcry. But since it is the Obama supporters doing it, it exists as only footnotes to the Day of Ascension for the Messiah Obama.

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Obama will Pay my Gas and Mortgage!

This woman thinks that Obama is going to pay her mortgage and pay her gas! Great times for all!

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Barack Obama Finally Reveals his Plan for America!


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Barack Obama’s Church Recommended Book Calls for Race War

Here is one of the books recommended by Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, aka Barack Obama’s home church.


Here are some quotes from the book:

“Black Power seeks not understanding but conflict; addresses blacks and not whites; seeks to develop black support, but not white good will.” [Black Theology and Black Power,” Page 16.

‘People should love each other’ sounds like Riis Park at sundown. It has very little meaning to the world at large.” [Black Theology and Black Power, Page 135]

“To be Christian is to be one of those whom God has chosen. God has chosen black people!” [Black Theology and Black Power, pp. 139-140]

“The Christian does not decide between violence and nonviolence, evil and good. He decides between the less and the greater evil.” [Black Theology and Black Power, Page 143]

“Whether the American system is beyond redemption we will have to wait and see. But we can be certain that black patience has run out, and unless white America responds positively to the theory and activity of Black Power, then a bloody, protracted civil war is inevitable.” [Black Theology and Black Power, Page 143]

And this is just a sample. This is what is taught at Obama’s “church” which he whole heartily supported for over 20 years. He said of church pastor Rev. Wright, “I could not disown him anymore than my own white grandmother.” (He disowned him a week later.)

There will be good minded people voting for one of the most divisive Presidents in history on Tuesday. God help us.

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Barack Obama Compared to Moses by Bishop

Barack Obama has been described as Moses by Bishop in the AME Church.

Since this preacher used the pulpit to campaign for Barack Obama, shouldn’t he and his church lose its tax-free status? I guess that only applies to when the church preaches for Republicans…

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Obama Pledges to Put Coal Industry Out of Business

It seems that in an interview that San Fransico Gate sat on since Janurary, Obama vows to put the coal industry out of business.

He says that people can build the power plants based on coal, but that he would bankrupt it with his anti-coal “green” policies. This would in effect put thousands of American jobs out of work. Is this the change that we want?

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