Joe Biden guaranteed that the USA will be attacked within 6 Months of an Obama Presidency

Well Joe is at it again. The Foreign Policy Guru has guaranteed that the US will face a deliberate and generated challenge on the international stage if Barack Obama is elected President, to test his mettle. You can listen here: to hear and audio of the comments which occur at 10:15 into the tape.

Why would we want to elect a man who will invite the world’s terrorist and rogue nations to test him due to his inexperience? John McCain is known. The world knows that he is strong in international policy and would not invite attack.

In the tape, he asks his supporters to bear with them in that situation since the choices they will have to make will not be popular. Where was the Democrats understanding with Geroge W. Bush? Where was the support?

So there you have it. A vote for Obama is a vote for another terrorist attack.

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  1. No, not necessarily a terrorist attack. It could easily be something else just as bad. In point of fact, a terrorist attack on the US is less likely than some other scenarios.

  2. If Sarah Palin said this about the McCain/Palin ticket (elect McCain and the country will be in an international crisis within 6 months) the media would be going BALLISTIC. But, since Biden is part of the “Second Coming” ticket, he’s just being a prophet.

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