Joe Biden Answers the Tough Questions

Opps! Did Joe Biden have to answer tough questions? Sorry about that.

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Gov. Sarah Palin Hung in Effigy by Noose in West Hollywood, California

And Democrats claim that the Republicans have the corner on hate?

In LA, a man has an effigy of Gov. Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from his house. It’s a joke he says. Can you imagine the outrage of this was Obama hanging from a noose? The guy’s house would be burnt down and he would be charged with a “hate crime”. But since it is the hated Sarah Palin, it’s ok?



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Barack Obama Admits in 2001 to Redistribution of Wealth Desire

Barack Obama, in this 2001 radio interview, admits to his desire to legislate redistrubution of wealth for the benefit of the black community.

Proof increses day by day of the Socialist nature of this Democratic canidate. He is not a force of Change like people believe and he has never voted against the Democratic Party Line.

Barack Obama is not change we need nor is he good for America.

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Obama Campaign in Dire Need for Money

As a sign of what an Obama Presidency would look like, the Obama Campaign has sent out an email with an urgent plea for donations. For only a $10 donation, you can recieve a “Speciial Edtion” car magnent.

This coming from a campaign that still has $ 605 million dollars in its coffers, dwarfing the McCain Camp’s $ 87 million. And on top of that, the Obama campaign is putting on a multimillion dollar party in Chicago the night of the election.

Oh yeah, send in more money please, we just can’t get enough.

Get used to it folks. Chances are good that Obama will be taking our money for years to come.

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Democratic Hypocrisy and Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe

So the Democrats can’t find anything to contradict what Gov. Sarah Palin says, so they are now attacking her for buying clothing and getting a makeover at the request of the GOP. Aren’t these the same clowns who said that they wanted to focus on the issues? Now they want to turn around and bring up what clothing she is wearing? Pa-lease!

Check out this story from back in September of this year from ABC News:

In it I quote:

“Biden spokesman David Wade in turn, quipped, “600,000 jobs gone in 2008, eight straight months of job loss, the highest unemployment in seven years, more home foreclosures than at any time since the Great Depression, and I’d wager John McCain’s nicest pair of $500 loafers that finally the Republicans think they’ve found an issue that will really resonate on Main Street: Joe Biden’s clothes.”

Right back at ya Mr. Wade. Right back at ya.

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OPEC Set to Drive Oil Prices Higher

It looks the greedy power hungry oil mogols want more. They plan on driving the cost of oil back over $100 a barrel (or as Iran said “the more the better”).,2933,442343,00.html

What their greedy minds can’t comprehend is that is they price oil too high for the market which seems likely in this unstable economic environment, then consumers will cut back and demand will fall. This will cause the price of oil to drop again. Which they will then attempt to drive back up.

I worry that there may be a time if we don’t become oil independant, that we will ahve to actually go to war for oil. I hope that we can break our oil dependency before that time.

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Voter Fraud in Tennessee

Massive voter fraud is being reported in the State of Tennessee. Reports of illegal immigrants being shipped in by the vanfuls have been reported in the Nolansville area. Other reports tell of people being paid money the more times they go back and repeat vote for Barack Obama.

Reports are also that the pollsters are not checking the IDs of the voters as they are required to do by the law. This invites fraud to happen.

It would not be surprising that in a state where McCain leads 80% to 20%, if Barack Obama would win this state due to the amount of careless fraud being done in Tennessee.

When the Head of the State Election Commission was contacted, his reply was that he has to let obviously illegal non-citizens vote because the Federal Justice Department mandates it. Where is the justice for the American people?

Is there no decency any more? Can we not have a normal election without resorting to Third World country tactics? This is the sort of things that go on in less civilized places in the world. It is a sad sad day when Democrats have to stoop to election fraud to get elected.

If Barack Obama somehow wins come November, it will be on the backs of hooligans and con-men.

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The British have it again, why does Barack Obama feel the need to applogize to the world?

I’ve said it before… the British have it right.

Why does America owe the world an apology and grovel for forgiveness? Even if we made mistakes with Iraq, they happen. We must remain strong and united.

It sickens me to see that the British get this when Americans themselves have forgotten it. Shame.

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Joe Biden guaranteed that the USA will be attacked within 6 Months of an Obama Presidency

Well Joe is at it again. The Foreign Policy Guru has guaranteed that the US will face a deliberate and generated challenge on the international stage if Barack Obama is elected President, to test his mettle. You can listen here: to hear and audio of the comments which occur at 10:15 into the tape.

Why would we want to elect a man who will invite the world’s terrorist and rogue nations to test him due to his inexperience? John McCain is known. The world knows that he is strong in international policy and would not invite attack.

In the tape, he asks his supporters to bear with them in that situation since the choices they will have to make will not be popular. Where was the Democrats understanding with Geroge W. Bush? Where was the support?

So there you have it. A vote for Obama is a vote for another terrorist attack.

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Jon Stewart says “F–K you!” to Gov. Sarah Palin

It seems that another Obama supporter has voiced his pleasant dissent about Gov. Sarah Palin. With all the hype in the media about the “harsh tone” of McCain/Palin supporters, you would think this would have made the news….

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show said during an address to Bostonian college students, “F–k you!”

Don’t forget the upright Sandra Bernahrdt threatening Gov. Sarah Palin with gang rape not long ago.

Yup. Gotta love that love coming from the Obama supporters.

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