More Joe Biden Gaffe’s

Apparantly Joe Biden doesn’t know history very well. He thinks that Franklin Roosevelt was the President during the Great Depression in 1929. Also, he seems to think that FDR got on the televeision back then to talk about it.

What he doesn’t know is it was President Hoover during the Great Depression and TVs were just being developed.

Roosevelt did do his “fireside chats” over the radio in the late 1930’s, but by then, the Great Depression was already on the wane.

And another thing….

Biden does not support clean coal technology for the US. He wants it to be used in China but not here. I guess he doesn’t realize that over 50% of our energy needs are met by coal.

He also doesn’t realize that his Presidental Nominee, Barack Obama, DOES in fact support clean coal technology.  I guess they are just on different pages once again.


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  1. More Joe Biden Gaffes (no apostrophe).
    Apparently is spelled with an ‘e’.
    The Depression did not end in 1933, when Roosevelt took over. It continued under Roosevelt for some years. Gosh, those are the kind of off-the-cuff flubs that anyone makes. At least he’s not as bad as Sarah Palin, sending her boy off to fight all those guys in Iraq who attacked America. Now there’s a dangerous ignorance of history.

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Actually, Palin’s son is going over there to fight those who attacked America. Iraq has become a battlefront for Islamic Extremist Terrorism. Plus they have indeed been attacking our soldiers for near 5 years.

  3. Well, no, those who attacked the towers all died on the planes. Their supporters were the Taliban, the leaders of Aghanistan, who despised Saddam Hussein because he was anti-clerical. If we had stayed in Afghanistan and finished the job before attacking Iraq, it wouldn’t have *subsequently* become a battlefront for Islamic Terrorism and the soldiers, not being in Iraq, would not be getting attacked for 5 years. It’s an important difference and Palin should know that.

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