Joe Biden says, “Be Patriotic! Pay your Taxes!”
(there is video available at the link)

Looks like our friend Joe Biden is back. This time, on Good Morning America on September 18, 2008, he said that the fundamental difference between the Democratic Campaign and the Republican Campaign is that the Democrats want to take money from the rich (over $200,000) and give to the poor. Why do they want to do this? Because it would be the “Patriotic thing to do”. So to be patriotic for a Democrat is to pay higher taxes and wealth re-distribution. The Democrats are out to create Class Strife and to incite the Lower Class to revolt.

If you think this sounds Socialistic, you are not the only one. Joe Biden has finally shown us the true colors of the Democrats. They want to punish success. They want to keep people beaten down. They want to build their power base on the backs of a poor and downtrodden population.

This is the kind of America that we will have under an Obama Kingship…. opps… I mean Presidency.

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