The Sky is Falling… NOT!

Contrary to the politicians (notably Democrats, and most notably Barack Obama), the economy is not on the brink of another 1929 Great Depression. This from the Wall Street Journal…

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Biden Gaffe or Lie?

Joe Biden gaffe or out-and-out lie? He claims in a recent rally that McCain’s Health Insurance plan would lead to higher taxes for that family. Actually, it would lead to lower taxes thanks to McCain’s tax credits.

Check out this article from the Associate Press:

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Nancy Pelosi Saves the Day!

I would personally like to thank Nancy Pelosi for making such a partisan speech just before the House vote on the $700 billion bailout package. Word has it that it was this speech that swayed a llot of Republicans to not vote for it.

She helped save the American Taxpayer for cleaning up the Democrats’ mess that they started back under President Clinton in 1993.

I guess it is just Nancy’s version of her bi-partisan nature coming out.

Once again, thank you.

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Obama Flip-Flop Record on Iraq

Let’s look at Barack Obama’s Flip-Flip on the Iraq Troop Withdrawal issue.

Currently, he advocates a gradual and measured withdrawal. He formed this opinion in late 2007 after he had taken commanding lead in the Democratic Primary.

Before this, in early 2007 when he was still in heavy battle with Sen. Clinton, he was demanding IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL.,5143,695208775,00.html

Before this in 2006 and earlier, he was pushing for gradual measured withdrawal again.

So Obama has not only “flipped” his stance, but “flopped” it right back again.

Is this the kind of President we want? Is this the kind of Change you are looking for?


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House Democrats Block President Bush’s Attempt of Reform for Fannie and Freddie

The NY Times from Sept 11, 2003 clearly shows that President Bush attempted to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to their overblown lending/spending. Guess who blocked it…. House Democrats and the Home Builder’s Association.

Here is a precious quote from our favorite Congressperson, Barney Frank (D):

”These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ”The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

So contrary to Obama and the Democrats blame Bush, here is the proof that it was the other way around.

Thanks Democrats….

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Barack Obama Sits on His Hands Once Again

So Obama is rejecting going back to Washington and take the lead in fixing (as he himself described as “the worst crisis since the Great Depression”). Instead he wants to talk about it from afar. Instead of actually DOING something about it, he would rather sit off to the sideline and complain about it and use it as campaign fodder.

I guess he is just doing what he does best – post a No Vote on important legislation, while complaining about how things are done.

He is really a pitiful canidate.

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More Joe Biden Gaffe’s

Apparantly Joe Biden doesn’t know history very well. He thinks that Franklin Roosevelt was the President during the Great Depression in 1929. Also, he seems to think that FDR got on the televeision back then to talk about it.

What he doesn’t know is it was President Hoover during the Great Depression and TVs were just being developed.

Roosevelt did do his “fireside chats” over the radio in the late 1930’s, but by then, the Great Depression was already on the wane.

And another thing….

Biden does not support clean coal technology for the US. He wants it to be used in China but not here. I guess he doesn’t realize that over 50% of our energy needs are met by coal.

He also doesn’t realize that his Presidental Nominee, Barack Obama, DOES in fact support clean coal technology.  I guess they are just on different pages once again.


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Obama vs. Biden: Not on the Same Page

It seems Barack and Biden are on different pages when it comes to their policies. Perhaps if they spent more time together, they would be more consistant?

Also, it seems that Joe Biden does not agree with Barack’s ad campaign attacking McCain’s age. In his words, it was a “terrible ad” and that if it was him at the controls, it would nothave aired. Once again, it seems that Barack and Biden are on different pages.

Gee gotta love that Leadership Barack is showing in running his campaign. And to think, this is his main “experience” that he listed to qualify him for the Whitehouse? If he runs the Whitehouse like he is his campaign, then we are truely lost.

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Joe Biden says that being a Councilman is harder than being a US Senator

Joe Biden continues running his gaffe machine…. He says that being a councilman is harder than being a US Senator. And these are the people putting down Sarah Palin for being a Governor and Mayor?

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Joe Biden says, “Be Patriotic! Pay your Taxes!”
(there is video available at the link)

Looks like our friend Joe Biden is back. This time, on Good Morning America on September 18, 2008, he said that the fundamental difference between the Democratic Campaign and the Republican Campaign is that the Democrats want to take money from the rich (over $200,000) and give to the poor. Why do they want to do this? Because it would be the “Patriotic thing to do”. So to be patriotic for a Democrat is to pay higher taxes and wealth re-distribution. The Democrats are out to create Class Strife and to incite the Lower Class to revolt.

If you think this sounds Socialistic, you are not the only one. Joe Biden has finally shown us the true colors of the Democrats. They want to punish success. They want to keep people beaten down. They want to build their power base on the backs of a poor and downtrodden population.

This is the kind of America that we will have under an Obama Kingship…. opps… I mean Presidency.

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